The Browning School

In 2015, PPI completed a three-summer-long audiovisual project with Manhattan boys’ prep school, The Browning School. Each summer featured a distinct phase of renovations, all of which saw a strong emphasis placed on AV.

Phase one featured the cafeteria & library. PPI installed two large format displays connected to digital signage players for cafeteria signage. For presentations, PPI installed a high-definition digital projector and electric screen. An audio system consisted of  in-ceiling full-range speakers, a wireless microphone, and an input for source connectivity.

Phase two featured a 13-classroom installation of interactive projector systems. Interactive projectors provide similar functionality to interactive whiteboard systems at a reduced cost. PPI designed and installed systems with whiteboards of various sizes, full range wall-mounted speakers, an input plate accommodating analog and digital video connections, and a touch keypad for system control.

Phase three, the largest phase, featured 21 classrooms of similar interactive projector systems to the prior phase. Additionally, this phase included a renovation of the lower school gym. In addition to being used for athletics, the gym is used for performances, presentations, and other large gatherings. The AV system features a 7,000 lumens projector & electric screen, laptop connectivity, a professional audio system including wireless microphones & a large mixing board, a headset intercom system, and a theatrical lighting system. This robust system provides the Browning School with a facility to use for all kinds of events — both during school and after — for years to come.