Hotel Monaco (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore)

Presentation Products has been a longtime partner of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, the largest owner of boutique hotels in the United States. PPI was brought in to design and install hotel-wide audio systems and meeting room audiovisual systems for three of Kimpton’s Monaco brand hotels: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore. Each property follows a AV Basis of Design, written by Presentation Products, to ensure a high level of quality and consistency from hotel to hotel.

Each hotel features a distributed audio system powered by a Bose ControlSpace engineered sound processor at the head end. Each hotel is divided into zones and sub-zones; each zone can play it’s own audio source, and each sub-zone has independent volume control of that source. A master control panel at the head-end can control every aspect of the audio system, and local controllers installed in various zones offer local zone control. Ballrooms and private spaces feature microphone and line level inputs as well, so that rental AV systems can connect to the permanent system when necessary. Different speakers are installed depending on the space – lobbies and hallways, outdoor spaces, and dining areas, for example,  each require particular loudspeaker variations.

Boardrooms are outfitted with video systems as well. Boardrooms feature large format, professional-grade displays to show meeting room content. Laptop connections that accommodate for analog and digital signals are installed at the conference table, and a keypad is mounted on the wall for easy, permanent control of the system.