Viacom Conference Rooms

In early 2013, Presentation Products worked extensively with a team of Viacom managers to establish two standard conference room AV systems for deployment across the globe. The room designs were standardized in order to make the deployment process, system maintenance, and end user experience familiar and easy for Viacom employees. To date, PPI has deployed over twenty standard “A” and “B” rooms for Viacom as part of retro-fit, renovation, and new-build projects.

“A” Rooms: These large conference rooms, typically seating 16-20, feature fully integrated audiovisual systems including single or dual display high definition video conferencing, integrated audio conferencing, and local presentation capabilities. A 10” touch panel provides integrated control of the entire system, including lighting & HVAC.

“B” Rooms: These smaller conference rooms, generally seating 4-8, are equipped for local presentations and audio conferencing. Standard B rooms feature a large format display, laptop connectivity, and a touch panel for integrated control of the system. All “B” rooms are designed with the infrastructure in place to allow video conferencing to be added to the solution at any time. “B” Rooms with video conferencing include high definition video conferencing codecs and integrated audio teleconferencing, in addition to standard B Room features.