Speyer Legacy School

Speyer Legacy, a private, independent school for over 250 advanced learners, relocated to Ninth Avenue in 2014. PPI, who has been Speyer Legacy’s audiovisual partner since before the move, designed and installed AV systems throughout the new space.

As a school for gifted individuals, Speyer Legacy places an emphasis on interactive learning principles that focus not just on the mind, but on the body and the heart as well. This philosophy translated to a audiovisual approach focused on interactive technology.  PPI designed and installed large-format interactive systems for twelve classrooms: six feature 70” interactive LCD displays, and six feature 96” interactive whiteboards. All systems feature independent, full-range loudspeakers, and the ability to connect auxiliary audio and video sources to the system as well.

Limiting this project to two types of standard systems made and continues to make installation, training, maintenance, and – most importantly – system use, simpler and easier for all parties involved.