Nickelodeon (Viacom)

In late 2014, PPI joined architect Studios and client representative VVA to begin designing AV systems for three more floors set to undergo renovations at Viacom’s 1515 Broadway headquarters. These floors — all dedicated offices for the Viacom-owned cable television channel, Nickelodeon — presented PPI with a multi-faceted design project. PPI focused equally on both the implementation & adaptation of standardized Viacom conference room AV systems as well as the design of custom systems specifically tailored to Nickelodeon’s desired functionality & aesthetic. The result was three floors with dozens of conference rooms, private offices, and common area spaces all complete with AV systems. The highlight of the project was a 3×3 video wall with an adjacent nautical steering wheel labeled “Take Me For a Spin” — users can spin the wheel, and as each spoke passes, a different Nickelodeon show is displayed. Shows change rapid-fire at first, and as the wheel comes to a stop, so do the content changes on the video wall. Until the next user spins the wheel, that is!