Grace Church School

PPI has worked with Grace Church School for years, and both parties were excited to take the partnership to a new level when the school announced that it would open a new high school campus at Cooper Square. The construction project was split up into three phases: phase one, completed in 2012, included the basement and floors one and two; phase two, completed in 2014, is the third floor; phase three, set for a 2018 completion date, is a renovation of the fourth. PPI has been there every step of the way, installing audiovisual systems for the first two phases and continuing as Grace Church High School’s sole audiovisual provider today.

Phase one included 16 standardized classrooms with SMART interactive whiteboards; six auxiliary interactive whiteboards on mobile stands; a full, school-wide distributed audio system for announcements and paging; a drama lab with a 4500 lumens projector, screen, and loudspeaker system; a digital signage system featuring ultra-slim 46” high-definition displays; and a room management software system for school-wide system control and remote asset management and monitoring. Phase two included six standardized classrooms with interactive projectors, laptop connectivity, and wall-mounted speakers; a third-floor add-on to the existing distributed audio system; and a multi-purpose room. The multi-purpose room features two 6,000 lumens 1920 x 1200 projectors and screens, an audio system featuring a four-channel wireless microphone system, a 16-channel digital mixer for live audio, and eight full-range in-ceiling speakers. A touch panel provides full AV system control, and a lighting control console with 24 faders provides full control of the lighting system. This professional-grade production system provides the school with a room equipped for virtually any style of event.

PPI looks forward to phase three of the project.