Flex Mussels

Flex Mussels Restaurant and Flex2, located uptown on 82nd Street and downtown on 13th Street, are two of Manhattan’s finest seafood restaurants. Flex2, on 13th Street and 6th Ave, was a new-build project that required collaboration with a large design team – including architects, interior designers, and lighting consultants. The simple, clean design features a Bose ControlSpace Engineered Sound System with satellite speakers and recessed in-ceiling bass modules which provide consistent levels of audio throughout the space. Volume, Zone, and Source Selection Panels were located behind the bar, and in the server, and hostess areas for convenience. The sources provided for the system were Sonos Internet Radio, a CD changer, Radio tuner, and an iPod dock which can all be played in various sub-zones throughout the space. Acoustical panels were installed on the underside of the soffits and in discreet locations to cut down voice reverberation levels and soften the dining experience.