@Ease 605

@Ease is a world-class amenity center at 605 Third Ave that offers a unique hospitality concept for events and building-tenant use. When the @Ease team wanted to expand iterate on their successful concept to a new location, they contacted PPI to design and deliver the AV technology for the new space. The project was a fast-moving light remodel, so PPI worked closely with the project team to manage costs by minimizing construction and leveraging existing infrastructure where possible. 

The space includes a three-way divisible multi-purpose room and two larger conferencing spaces, all with with 130″ projection screens, ceiling-mounted projectors, “Bring-your-own-meeting” conferencing capabilities, and a flexible fleet of wireless microphones that can be deployed as needed by the technology operations team. The space is also capable of supporting 3rd party technology integration from customers that want to bring in their own event technology teams. A facility-wide control interface provides the technology operations team the ability to quickly setup the facility for customer request, providing ultimate venue-booking flexibility. 

PPI continues to support the @Ease technology team with remote monitoring and support services, as well as event support.