How Are You Tracking Your Room Checks?

PPI’s Vantage Services platform can clarify networked AV data

If meeting reminders are the most consistent notification on any screen in your office, then you probably define presentation and conference room technology as mission-critical. 

Your AV systems need to work right away, the first time. Multiply that requirement by every collaborative space across a global organization, and you are managing serious demand. 

For many PPI clients, the number of daily and weekly room checks required to keep AV systems operational worldwide can be in the thousands. As our service team has evolved to support our growing client base, two truths emerged:

  • The cost of a failed meeting increases exponentially when countless billable hours are on the line
  • AV is starting to look a lot like IT, and room systems should be managed, monitored and measured the same way as a network

It’s true, today’s AV deployments are comprised of components that are all essentially network devices. So it would seem to follow that remote management would be a breeze over the network. But the fact remains that most of the tools for managing AV technologies are either proprietary and only help with manufacturer specific devices, or are too burdensome to deploy quickly or cheaply. 

With so many separate dashboards, room checks can feel like wading through a massive sea of data, making it almost impossible to quickly identify trouble spots and keep track of what’s being fixed, or worse, what’s totally offline.  

To help our clients get a clearer picture of all their networked AV systems, PPI developed our own suite of tools and services called Vantage. It’s manufacturer-agnostic, easy to use and nearly effortless to deploy. 

One of the key features of Vantage is the Room Checks module, which is a powerful data aggregation tool that combines device-level data with cloud API integrations from UC platforms to provide a complete view of everything happening in a room.

The Vantage Room Checks tool provides a clear snapshot of operational status across AV and UC systems enterprise-wide. The interface was designed for collaboration between our dedicated Vantage service team and clients’ in-house AV support professionals. Now everyone has a better view of what’s working, what’s been found and fixed and any other incidents. 

After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. So let PPI’s Vantage platform help you keep track of all the details, and we can remove the AV-tech-related stress from those constant meeting reminders.