About Dublin City Schools

One of the 10 largest districts in Ohio, Dublin City Schools spans 47 square miles and operates 19 schools. Of the 14,500 students currently enrolled, more than 1,270 are considered English Language Learners.

“What we didn’t want was to have videoconferencing equipment installed in fixed locations in every building. It is expensive and you need IT people to set it up in each location.” Instead, he says, “We wanted something teachers could connect to through their web browsers.”

— Mike Voss, Chief Technology Officer

Why Blue Jeans

Before Blue Jeans, Dublin City Schools made do with a single video conferencing room that was essentially inaccessible to the district’s 1,800 teachers and staff members. Today, teachers and administrators at every site use Blue Jeans with their web browser or mobile device.

Dublin City Schools also uses Blue Jeans to satisfy required enrollment levels for specialized classes. Last year, the only high school to offer a Chinese language program considered canceling the class due to low enrollment. Instead, Dublin City Schools decided to deliver the class over Blue Jeans. Today, groups of students gather at school libraries throughout the district to attend classes and interact with fellow students and their instructor. Thanks to Blue Jeans, everyone can be seen and heard, supporting the collaborative, back-and-forth engagement essential for language instruction.