What if you could integrate the latest technologies every three years and have it maintained without the upfront financial burden of purchasing brand new equipment? With our AV as a Service (AVaaS) program you have one fixed investment that is fully supported.

Here’s why customers like our program:

  • Results-Driven

    It’s not how long we can keep your technology running, it’s how long we can keep your technology current that counts.

  • Budget-Friendly

    Every month, you can expect a fixed spend for your technology and support. No hidden extras. No nickel-and-dime invoices.

  • Worry-Free

    We take the hassle out of managing AV equipment. One monthly payment, everything included.

  • System Uptime

    • Remote Health Check / Monitoring
    • Remote Service Support
    • Monthly Room Sweeps
    • Emergency Service
  • Quarterly Roundtable

    • Identify what success looks like
    • Establish metrics
    • Check in regularly
  • Preserve Cash

    No large capital expenses for new builds

  • Budget Friendly

    Fixed monthly spend, no surprise expenses

  • One Invoice

    One monthly payment, everything included

  • 3-Year Refresh

    No need to string along old equipment

  • Premier SLA

    Confidence in up-time without service headaches

  • No Budget Battles

    No need to fight for upgrade or new project budgets

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